About Us

About Us

With nearly all new mobile phones and smart devices, able to read and respond to QR Codes - a whole new world of opportunities have arisen, whereby a simple bit of printed code, can be scanned - resulting in all kinds of things, such as being automatically being redirected to a website - or in this case, an 'info-site'.

Our info-sites, are mini one-page websites, which are specifically optimised to be displayed on mobile smart devices. They are easily deployed in as little as a few minutes, using our friendly control panel - which also includes a number of ready-made templates. Our info-sites, although on a single page, are quite comprehensive - and as such, can display all kinds of information, photographs, videos, audio, etc. You can also include links to your social media sites, and main a website, in addition to a direct 'contact me' facility. You can update the content of your info-site, at any time - and your QR-Code remains the same.

Our info-sites are very stylish, easy to deploy, and are hosted on our fast servers. You even have additional advanced options - such as being able to use your own domain name to directly link to your info-site. When you create an info-site with us, a unique QR Code is generated, which you can print off to be used as a means to direct visitors to your info-site. We offer complete peace of mind, with a full and ongoing, ticketed support service. And as we are part of an internet services group (e-HQ Group Limited) established in the mid 90's, we can also provide a wide range of additional services, should you so require.

Scan For Details (SFD) info-sites, can be used for a multitude of services, including but not limited to...

1) Providing details on a classic vehicle from displaying your QR Code within the windscreen,

2) A point of contact for your business, club or charity - connecting your visitors to your other online presences,

3) Information relating to a tourism place, event, or public display items,

4) Safety information, pertaining to a place or products,

5) Direct payment collection for goods or charity, incorporating PayPal.

In fact the potential uses are almost limitless - and in many cases, as these sites are mobile device optimized - much more user friendly than connecting directly to a website or social media page. What will you use your SCD Info-site(s) for?